#39: 11 May 1945, Okinawa

The 305th moving inland at Zamami Island. (Photo: WWII Archives)

In March 1945, the 77th Infantry Division landed in the Keramas where they met little opposition. The 1st Battalion of the 305th infantry easily secured Zamami Island, which Arthur mentions in his letter below. 

Also, it was on 11 May 1945 that the United States Government established the Point System to determine the time of return of enlisted military personnel to the States. 

Dear Bill and May

Forgive me if you haven't heard from me in the past few weeks. We were kept quite busy fighting on Zamami, where we established a Naval base for the Okinawa operation and then went on towards Okinawa when we invaded the Island of Ie Shima off the Coast of Okinawa. It was the worst fighting I've seen yet. We had to contend with as many land mines and booby traps and so I'm nearly grateful to God for having come thru successfully again, with not even a scratch.

I shall write you from time to time so do not worry. We're kept so busy so far we've three campaigns of major operation and five missions I take to our credit. Love to Joanie. Regards and good luck. I'm thinking of you all.

Your devoted Brother


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