#20: 16 Oct 1944, Guam

During this time, the Japanese Imperial HQ continued to increase in its reports, the numbers of American carriers, battleships, cruisers and destroyers that they'd sunk during their counter strikes against the US 3rd Fleet east of Taiwan. Admiral Halsey was amused. He noted to Admiral Nimitz,  "[a]ll Third Fleet ships recently reported sunk by Radio Tokyo have been salvaged and are retiring at high speed toward the Japanese Fleet" which Nimitz promptly converted into an effective public relations piece. Japanese leaders however, continued to believe their own lies with the Emperor spreading congratulations for a defeat which never happened.

Dearest Sis May:

Received your letter and I was indeed glad to hear from you again.  You say you've seen something nice for Mother on Xmas, in the way of Bathrobe and slippers. Well - I don't know how much money is involved, but I'm enclosing a money order of fifteen dollars, it may not be enough, so please let me know, so that I can send you another money order. This really being kind and thoughtful of you to take care of Christmas for me.

Everything is about the same here. Mornings are ideal here, cool and sweet smelling, but just about 10 AM it gets beastly sultry. Stays this way till 5:30 PM when the climate tends to cool again. Ocean breezes, you know.

About yourself, dear, you most certainly are brave and courageous while Bill is away. I only hope and I feel confident he in right time will come home to you, those he loves and he can and will make up for the crucial time he had to be away from you all. Glad to hear you are well. From Joan's picture, she looks like a grown girl now. I got a letter from Si and he told me the reason Mother hadn't written was because she was ill and I understand she still isn't well. This is probably the reason mom hasn't been able to write. It worries me when I hear about her ill health. I want her to know that I'm thinking of her all of the time, but unfortunately here I am miles, miles from home, I can only pray she get well. Give her my love would you May dear?

It's drastic enough to have to go thru hell here and elsewhere to have to think of how Mother is ailing, I would so much like to be home to help, if I can. Well May God Grant her best of health in the future. You must forgive her lingering reply to your letter. She isn't well. And I'm sure Mom will write as soon as she can, I know this for a fact because whenever Dave comes over to see how she is, he drops me a few lines. So do not worry. You will get a letter yet. Also, never give it a thought, because from what mom wrote me, she thinks the world of you, you even made Bill a good husband and so long as you both are happy, she feels her happiness complete. But of course, there is her worry of me, when I come home, I too will perpetuate her happiness. Have been corresponding  with an attractive intelligent and nice girl from the Bronx. She is secretary to the Whitcomb Real Estate people. We're looking forward to when I come home so that we two will tie the knot.

This of course will come in the future. I'll want you to know her, you two would become such good friends and if and when she says "Yes" you're going to be our "Maid of Honor". This privilege is rightfully yours, because, you rate your tops with me. I wrote to Pearl about you and she is looking forward to the complete reunion of the four of us. Wouldn't that be ideal.

For the time being May, Dear, I have the tedious job of this war on my hands, so till it's over I'm looking forward to the bright future. I shall write you shortly again. Let me know how much more money is needed for the purchase of the gift, so that I can send you another money order. Give Joanie my love and very best to Bill. Take Care of yourself.

Your Loving Brother


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