#40: 17 May 1945, Okinawa

Demolition crew watches explosive charges detonate and destroy a Japanese cave, May 1945.
(Photo: WWII Archives)
Allied Forces celebrated Victory in Europe (VE) Day nine days earlier on 8 May 1945. 

Dear May & Bill -

Please excuse this message on blank stationery but here I sit amidst the ruins somewhere on the Island. Have a few moments of rest so no time like the present to get a few words in to you. Have received all of your letters and am always glad to hear from you. I'm doing fine and no Jap has got me yet.

I'm pretty careful because I'm looking forward with great anticipation to getting back to good ole USA. There's nowhere like it. Fighting still in full swing here, we've gotten the Japs where we want them, they know their doom is near. The campaign isn't over yet, so I'll be more careful yet. Hope you like your new job and have you gotten your house yet?

Am enclosing some Jap genuine currency. I got off a Jap the other day. Am sure you've never seen it before. It may be a little smelly but then they are all that way. You've no idea how happy I am to receive mail from all of you. Incidentally, my girl Pearl writes she's looking forward to meeting you both. After all you will be her sister and brother in law. I hope when you open up house, you'll get her address from mom's and write her down, unless you think it better to wait till I get home someday.

Have you heard about the point system leading to discharge? Well it's 85 points and I've only 72 perhaps in a few months I'll get the other points.

Aside from fighting, life here is very dull and near morbid. Say, have you ever tried the new "C" rations, they're damn good. Hope you all are fine, give May my very best. Tell her that soon as I get out of this turmoil I'll drop her a personal letter.

Good luck to you both and best to Joanie.

Your devoted brother


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