#4: 1943, Desert Training Center, Mojave Desert

Dear Sis -

Got your letter today and I was indeed glad to hear from you, and Bill. Things are about the same here. We just got back after completing an eight day Corps test. It was one of significance since the completion was made with flying colors, our entire Division made excellent, and I'm glad, now we can actually feel proud of the fact that our readiness for combat is approaching, we expect to get another test from Corps. It's called the ("Air Ground Test") after that Division tests us on our complete phases of training.

I saw in one newspaper that those [illegible] who desires to transfer to the Mountain troops this would require us to go to a cold climate and participate in extensive training in skiing. This is only an idea May, I don't think I'm too anxious to make the change since the change would only involve more and more of training and besides my C.O. has to recommend me, and believe me he certainly is a hard man to convince.

Glad you are all well and I was looking forward to Joan's picture when it comes through. Incidentally, I am sending her a wooden, gay painted leaded waist belt made by the Indians out near Phoenix. I have to get a box to pack it in and when I do, I'll send it to her. And when I get a chance I'll send you a picture of me. At present I have none except one or two that aren't doing me justice. No kidding perhaps I'm not camera material.

Incidentally, I met a grand girl out in Beverly Hills, we hit it pretty high for the time I spent on furlough in California. We're pretty fond of each other and we have been corresponding a lot, and she and I are intending to seal the pact, by declaring ourselves as one someday. I firmly know and believe that I've found the one happiness that will make me want to look forward to a permanent love, and I truly love her very much. At present she is a receptionist under contract to Paramount Pictures and she works in the office on Wilshire Boulevard. I may as well enclose a picture of her, send it back to me will you May dear? When I get a few better ones of her, I'll send one to you, if you like. Her name is "Mary Brockel".

Well May, I've run out of things to write about, so I'll close hoping to hear from you when you get the chance. My best regards to Bill. Tell him for me that I'd like to hear more about him and what he is doing. And has he been home to Mother as yet?

My love to Joan.

Your loving brother


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