#5: 1943, Desert Training Center, Mojave Desert

Hello Bill -

I always liked to hear from you, but I guess you couldn't keep track of me and I must admit we've been on the move around the country a bit.

We completed the XV corps Tests last week, with big success, this put us into the AGF Class (Army Ground Forces) at present we are still under DTC [Desert Training Center]. According to the caption for the Bulletin Board, our Commander General Bruce has us slated definitely for overseas combat. I'm hoping it'll take me to Italian soil, I'd sooner take care of the German situation than the Jap. You can't trust these sneaky eyed Bastards.

At least we have a fair chance with the Huns, and besides they're a cinch. Funny thing, I'm not afraid of combat. We have excellent organization here, so why worry. They've got us up to perfection. Next Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, we have to undergo an "Air Ground Test" which we'll wind up our stay in the Desert. From here it is my contention that we're going to a Port of Embarkation. It's high time, we've been in the country for about 19 months, so how much longer could we remain here? I'm ready and everyone else is, so let's go to it 77th!

Oh! Well time will tell. Bill, let's hear from you. I enjoy hearing from you.

Your brother


P.S. Drop Mother & Dad a line. They worry.

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