#6: 1943, Desert Training Center, Mojave Desert

Dear Sis -

Got your letter and was glad to hear from you, you've no idea how I enjoy reading it. Somehow your letters are so real, so free of all petty subterfuge, artificiality, or insincerity, no kidding. You're a swell sister, and I'm proud to call you sis! I've always wanted to feel I could confide in my sister and I know I can in you.

Incidentally May, I just remembered I answered your last letter and I answered and I enclosed a snap of Mary. Oh! Well no reason I shouldn't write again before I receive your answer is there? I actually enjoy writing to you, but I feel dreadfully bad since I can't send a photo of myself. The reason for it, I haven't a camera and second, I couldn't get around to having it taken.

I hope you can forgive me for this. In the near future I'll do my darndest to get one. I understand we're to leave here soon for a Port of Embarkation. No kidding, we get so many rumors, it's a shame we have to contend with them. The latest rumor is we'll go to Indiantown Gap, Penn. If it only could stand true this would mean I could get to see you. But at present as a rumor, we haven't a leg to stand on as to its legitimacy. The weather here is unbearably hot, it would be indeed a pleasure to leave this hot desert.

Well May, hoping to hear from you. Regards to Bill and love to Joan.

Your loving brother


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