#36: 20 Apr 1945, Ie Shima

The attack on Bloody Ridge on 20 April was marked by severe fighting. Infantrymen of the
307th infantry, 77th ID moving toward government House Hill.  (Photo: WWII Archives)

Dear May, Bill & Joanie

Received Bill's letter the other day and I was indeed glad to hear from you all again. Of course the letter was dated February 10th. A little late, I guess, however it was good hearing from you again.

In a way I was glad to hear that you chose to reside in N.J. instead of going out to California. It may appear selfish of me when I say if I ever get home, it will be nice to see you in N.J. And if you had been living in the Pacific Coast it might have been a little different.

However, all I desire is to finish off the dreadful business of warfare and return home to you soon in the near future. Regards and love to Joan.

Your Devoted Brother,


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