#12: 22 Aug 1944, Guam

Men of Company B, 305th RCT, moving out from high ground on Guam.
(Photo: US Army Center of Military History)

Dearest May -

Have received all of your nice letters and would have wished I could have answered them. But unfortunately we've been on the high seas, finally landed on the Island of Guam. Strictly combat now that the campaign is nearly over and we've practically secured this Island after days of nerve wracking battle. I'm alive and feeling fine. [Censored] when [Censored] or have [Censored] I certainly was lucky to be alive and well after the campaign.  These Japs are dirty fighters and certainly deserve no better than death. These filthy pigs. I wish I could be coming home soon but it may be a long time. Now that we've liberated Guam, I hope we get rest for awhile. Did you read about is in the papers yet?

Love to Joan & yourself & Bill.  Tell him about me will you.

Your Brother


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