#41: 24 May 1945, Okinawa

US Marine Private John Drugan and his war dog, Okinawa, Japan, May 1945 (Photo: WWII Archives)

The 10th Army reaches the capital of Okinawa and there is still heavy fighting on the island. Over 125 Japanese planes are shot down. US troops capture the airbase on Mindanao while the B-29 bombers commit the hardest assault on Japan to date with over 3,500 tons of bombs.

On 25 May 1945, the day after this letter was written, the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff approved Operation Olympic, the invasion of Japan, scheduled for 1 November.

Dear Bill and May:

Just a few lines to let you know that I am fine and thinking of you, despite the fact that we are kept rapidly busy on the fighting front. I know that you don't hear from me as often as before, but our progress here in the Pacific keeps us pretty much tied down to these wartime obligations.

Pearl wrote me and told me that she's looking forward with great enthusiasm to meeting you both, I hope when you get established in your new home, you'll invite her out, I'm sure she'd be happy to visit with you.  May, why don't you drop her a line, here's her address:

Miss Pearl Greenbaum
2074 Mohegan Ave
Bronx, 60 New York

Good luck and let's hear from you real soon.

As ever,


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