#22: 24 Oct 1944, Guam

Smoke rises from an explosion on the USS Princeton, 24 October 1944, shortly after being hit by a Japanese bomb while operating off the Philippines. Photographed from USS South Dakota (BB-57).  Official U.S. Navy Photograph, now in the collections of the National Archives.

The 77th was en route to Leyte. The Battle of Leyte Gulf took place 23-26 Oct 1944 would be the largest naval battle of World War II. 

Oct 24, 1944

Dearest Sis May-

Received your letter today and was really sorry to hear that you are with a cold, or I should say the Grippe. I do hope you get over it and take care of yourself. I am fine, except that I'm getting to miss you all more, everyday. Mom wrote and told me that Grandma is ill, so this is keeping her so busy, however, so long as I know, she's well, I'm hoping that Grandma gets over what ever is ailing her, she is getting  up in the years, and I feel so sorry for her, having to suffer. I always say so long as I live to the ripe age of 60 I'm satisfied to leave this world for the other.

In the meantime, here I am in this disgusting jungle of an Island, no wonder the natives appear so wacky. Probably its the tremendous heat here practically all the year around. I'm hoping I get out of here in the near future. And a quick joint home, although critics believe that the war in the Pacific won't be over till Christmas of next year. This is a horrible thought, I can't think of remaining in the Pacific for that length of time.

May dear, I sent you a money order of a $15.00 money order towards the purchase of the Xmas gift for mom, I had no idea what amount of money would be involved, however, I intend to mail you out another money order, of whatever you feel will be necessary for the purchase of the robe and slippers. You recently mentioned and I knew that you're going to use such good taste in the selection if you ask Bill sometime, I always remembered you as being meticulous and very smartly clad and one of the best dressed women I've ever seen. Especially where clothes and the selection is concerned. I'm sincerely hoping Bill gets to go home, it's the place for him, beside his adorable little family, you and Joanie.

I don't know what else to write, I'm sleepy and it's almost 1:30 A.M. so be well and take care of yourself.

Best regards to Bill and love to Joan from her Uncle Arthur.

Your Devoted Brother,


WWII in Colour-The Battle of Leyte Gulf and the Liberation of the Philippines

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