#31: 25 Jan 1945, Leyte

Allied troops in Luzon. (Photo: WWII Archives)
As the Battle of Luzon raged on, the 8th Army, led by General Eichelberger and consisting of ten U.S. divisions and five independent regiments, landed at Subica Bay and Batangas between 29 and 31 January, 1945. It would be the largest campaign of the Pacific with more forces than the campaigns in Africa, Italy and Southern France.

Dear Bill and May,

Another letter for today and I hope you've grown accustomed to being a civilian once again Bill!

Gosh! I really envy you, it's been so long since I've seen a restaurant or good Bar. Now you have all those things at reach. Oh! Well--I suppose someone has to do the infantry fighting in this Pacific. I truly hope it'll be over this year. I'm fed up with this primitive existence. I never know when my number is up and so far, I've had several narrow escapes from those maniacal Japs. So far so good. Thank dad for wanting to send me a trench knife. I could use it but it may take a long time to get to me. I haven't received any packages yet.

As to how I met Pearl, well all I can say is we both met and knew it had to be. I've never been sorry.

Love to Joanie and the folks

Your brother


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