#10: 26 Jun 1944, Hawaii

On 15 June, the US forces invaded Saipan, whose airfields were within striking distance of the Japanese islands. The US and Japanese fought what would later be designated as one of the biggest carrier battles of the war. Japan lost three aircraft carriers and over three hundred planes. On land, US Marines fought a vicious enemy. When the battle ended in July, only one thousand of the more than thirty-thousand Japanese soldiers were still alive. Hundreds of civilians on the island committed suicide fearing being captured by the Americans.

Dearest Sis May:

Received your nice letter today in which you put your new address, so I am sitting at this moment under a fascinating overhanging Palm tree, which gives much of inspiration to letter writing. I'd like to have your picture.

I just got back from a day at the Beach where I rented a surf board, for the first time I found it lots of fun rolling along thru the huge breakers of the beautiful cool blue waters of the Pacific.

Glad to hear that Bill called, I bet you were happy to hear his voice. I always receive mail from Mother and she always mentions that you had a nice visit with her, I'm glad.  Forgive me for this short letter but I'm in a hurry to go on duty at Headquarters tonight.

My love to Joan & regards to Bill. Oh! yes I got a letter from him.

Your loving brother


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