#7: 26 May 1944, Hawaii

The 77th landed in Hawaii in March 1944 and trained in amphibious and jungle warfare. Elements began departing Hawaii in July in preparation for the assault on Guam. 

Dearest Mae:

I realize it is a very long time I last wrote to you. But since then, I've been so darn busy, one part of the country or another, and I definitely never forgot for one moment you were my darling sister. It's just that I was so regularly occupied, I didn't write to anyone but my brother and besides, I lost your address.

I am now overseas stationed on a beautiful Island in the South Pacific so it will be a very long time before I see the beautiful homeland of USA. To some people, this place may appear a paradise but to me it's a hellhole. Perhaps it's because I'm oceans apart from those I love and our white civilization.

Believe me, Mae dear, I shall write you as often as I can, but if you don't get a letter from me in a week or more it's only because the mail route of delivery isn't too fast. I shall write again tomorrow.

Love to Joan and my best to Bill. Tell him to write.

Your loving brother


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