#16: 27 Sep 1944, Guam

This combat photo, taken during the Battle of Peleliu, depicts a U.S. Marine
who weeps after killing a Japanese soldier. (Photo: U.S. Naval Institute)
Operation Stalemate II also known as The Battle of Peleliu and the Battle of Angaru were fought September to November 1944 on what is now the island of Palau. The battle was over a small but critical airstrip. It was part of a much larger Pacific campaign known as Operation Forager.  

My Dear Sis May:

Despite today being such an awfully hot day, I had to sit down under this cool shaded Palm Coconut tree to drop you a few lines, to tell you that I am well and that I received all of your letters of present date manage to answer all of them, I wish I could do better for those days, I couldn't keep up with my correspondence.

Now that Bill is to be transferred to the Air Base in Long Island, it would be a break for him, and I know that Mom would be happy to see him. If he does go to L. I. it would be a pretty good idea if you came out to Mom's weekends or perhaps anything and stay at the house. Mom would only be too glad. Give Joan my love. My very best to you and Bill.

Your loving Brother


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