#38: 28 Apr 1945, Okinawa

The Battle of Okinawa took place April through June 1945. Okinawa, located in the Ryukyu Islands, south of Japan was the site of the the largest amphibious assault in the Pacific Theater. The Battle of Okinawa was the largest sea-land-air battle in US history and the last major battle of World War II.  

Dear Bill and May -

Received your letter of the April 11th and glad to hear from you again. Did you like the souvenirs I sent home? I have a nice souvenir for you Bill. I have a Japanese box flashlight in a canvas case. I know you'll like it. How about a Jap pen? Let me know and I'll send them to you as soon as authorities permit.

I'm feeling fine after my third major operation. And thankful to God, that I am able to enjoy God's sunshine again.

Okinawa my dear brother is in the Ryukyus Islands which lie between Formosa and Japan proper. See your local Rand McNally map for further information. As for Japanese money, it is not worthless since I go through hell to get it and at times getting it is quite dangerous. So you can readily see, when doughboys get souvenirs, it isn't simply like picking up a morning paper. I'll send it to you soon.

Best to May and Joan.

Your brother


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