#14: 6 Sep 1944, Guam

Major General Andrew Bruce, Commander of the 77th Infantry Division.
(Photo credit: U.S. Army Archives)


Sept. 6, 1944

Dear Sis' May:

I received your keen letter today and I'm indeed glad to hear from you and I'm sure you understand more fully now the specific reasons for the long delay in my abrupted silence. 

Everything here has gone over to the peaceful side.  We are encamped here on the slope of a hill, which is muddy most of the time due to the overabundance of rain. Once the land is dry, its pretty nice, but then the clouds seem to burst and bales of rain seem to fall out of everywhere. 

We're sleeping in tends or grass shacks which we put up constructed in native fashion of grass roof and bamboo walls, usually the hut is built around four feed off the ground, due to the heavy rains. Let me draw a rough sketch of what I mean. I hope my artistry isn't too immature.

I'm glad to hear that you write to Mother, I know that she worries about you and all of us. Hearing from you, must make her awfully happy, I know. I wrote to Bill couple days ago. I shall write you again tomorrow. I'm now in a mad rush for chow. 

My love to Joan & Bill also to Mom

Your Brother - 


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