#44: 6 Sep 1945, Cebu

Though sporadic fighting continued, General MacArthur announces the liberation of the entire Philippines. The casualty list is staggering. The US death toll is 11,921 with 42,970 injured or captured.  During this time, American forces were planning "Operation Downfall" which was to be the invasion of Japan which of course never took place because of the surrender in August 1945.

Dear May & Bill,

It's quite a few days since our last active correspondence. Now that censorship has been lifted I can now mention that we're on the Island of Cebu in the Philippines. The weather here has been on the rainy side in the past few days.

The point system has me on pins and needles. The critical score right now is 80 and I have 75 points up to date. Isn't it wonderful? I'm up for a Bronze Star Award as that will give me the required 80 points! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for future luck and the quick journey home to those I miss so much.

How are you coming along with the house? You'll probably be leaving there when I return and looking forward very much to seeing you. Best of luck and regards and love to Joan.

Your Brother


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