#42: 7 Jun 1945, Okinawa

American bombs falling on Kobe, Japan, 4 Jun 1945 (Photo: WWII Archives)

In the first few days of June, twenty-seven American P-51 Mustang fighters are lost during bad weather on their way to an assault on Osaka, Japan. Over 400 B-29 bombers drop over three thousand tons of incendiary bombs on Kobe, Japan. 


Hiya May and Bill

Thanks lots for the letter that I received today, in which I found enclosed photo of the cute little home you bought in NJ. I like it a lot and I'm sure after you complete the furnishing of it, it will be that "Home Sweet Home". I envy you.

So you did get the Jap money I sent you. Good. As soon as I can, I'll send you other things that can be mailed. Hope everything is riding smoothly for you both. I sure hope someday to be able to do the same for Pearl, that is settle down and have a home of our own. I know she'd like hearing from you all because she has mentioned that she's anxious to meet my twin. She has already met most of our immediate family and they're crazy about her, and I'm sure you'll like her too, she's a sweet girl with plenty of humor, in an exotic sort of way. Here's the address, drop her a line May.

Miss Pearl Greenbaum
2074 Mohegan Ave
Bronx, 60, New York

Lots of luck and do write when you can.

Thanks Bill, but there isn't a thing I need except my discharge papers - but that will come in due time whenever we push the damn Jap off the map of the earth. My best to you both.



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