#15: 7 Sep 1944, Guam

The Marines and Coast Guard on the beaches of Guam. (Photo credit: WWII Archives)

Dearest Sis May:

I awoke this morning with one big ambition, and that was to rush off a letter to you. Peculiar how I was dozing off and my first thought upon awaking was I must try to make up for the past, when I wasn't able to try and write while we were battling is out here. Well Dear, got the card from the Poconos telling me of what a nice reunion you two kids had, and I was happy to hear it you both deserved the vacation. Did you take Joanie with you?

The mosquitoes and flies are like Dive Bombers here during the day its the mosquitoes, the night it's the huge annoying flies. Lucky thing for me, I sleep in a mosquito Bar (netting). Well May Dear, I definitely will write you often and often. My best to Joan & everyone alas to Bill, glad to see he's back at a decent camp. My very best to you and to not worry.

Your loving Brother -


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