#29: 8 Jan 1945, Leyte

American soldiers on patrol in Leyte, January 1945. (Photo: 182nd Infantry)

On 6 January 1945, Allied forces participated in the Invasion of Lingayen Gulf, an amphibious operation led by Admiral Jesse Oldendorf. US and Royal Australian Navy ships bombarded Japanese positions along the coast of Lingayen for three days straight. On 9 January, the US Army, under the command of General Walter Krueger landed on the coast of Lingayen Gulf and within days, had captured the coastal towns and penetraded five miles inland along a 20-mile stretch of beachhead. The Allied forces suffered heavy losses due do kamikaze attacks, losing 24 ships with another 67 heavily damaged.

Dear Bill, May, and Joanie,

Today I received your v-mail telling me of Bill's good luck in civilian life once again and I'm very happy for you both. This-I'm sure will make everything simply great. As for myself, I guess you've seen the newsreels and heard the radio broadcasts telling of our victory here in the Philippines. After my second campaign, I'm very fortunate indeed to so well and without a scratch. I'm a lucky guy I guess.

I've just been transferred to Hdq Co. The Colonel of my Battalion thought it a good idea so do I. You see, I'm constantly with him during campaigns, he likes my work and he's tops. Can't be beat. So here I am practically in truth a break for me, so on one of these messages. I'm putting down my new complete Co. address.

Forgive the usage of this message blank. It's the only thing available. I shall write you again shortly. Good luck. Love to Joanie.

Your devoted brother


P.F.C. Arthur Hersh
1st Bn, Hdq Co. 305th Inf
APO 77 c/o PM
San Francisco, Cal

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