History and organizational structure for Operation Iceberg

The invasion of the island of Okinawa was executed under Operation Plan “Iceberg”. Tactical planning of the operation was begun in January of 1944 when the division received its warning order.

For the invasion of Okinawa the 77th Division was commanded by Maj. Gen. Andrew D. Bruce and assisted by Brig. Gen. Edwin H. Randle. The unit was organized as a straight infantry division with three infantry regiments composed of the 305th, 306th and 307th infantry supported by the Division Artillery (DIVARTY) composed of the Headquarters battery and the 304th (Hartwig’s unit), 305th, 306th and 902nd Field Artillery Battalions.

Read more about the history and organization of Operation Iceberg at http://www.history.army.mil/books/wwii/okinawa/

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