#19: 12 Oct 1944, Guam

In early October, in preparation for the invasion of the Philippines, Admiral Chester Nimitz ordered Admiral William Halsey to strike Japanese airfields at Taiwan, China and Ryukyu Islands, Japan. 

On 10 October, American aircraft struck Okinawa, Yaeyama, and Miyako Islands, Japan. Okinawan city of Naha was heavily damaged; many of the 548 deaths occurred in Naha, as many of the 698 wounded. 11,451 buildings were destroyed, which included a great number of civilian residences.

On 12 October, a cloudy, rainy day, 90 Japanese aircraft attacked Admiral Halsey's carriers off Taiwan however it was considered a failure as 54 aircraft failed to return without causing significant damage. The Japanese Imperial General Headquarters exaggerated reports, claiming 100 American aircraft were shot down during the attack.

Dearest Sis May:

Today I received your ever so lovely written letter and as always before I am indeed glad to hear from you. I hope you all are fine. About myself well I'm fine as can be expected. Yet my thoughts are constantly of home and the pleasant things and people I left behind. It's been raining here in bucketfuls for the last couple of days and seeing the sky as deadly cloudy as is, I can readily see we're in for a long rain.

About the Xmas gift you'd like to send me, it's awfully thoughtful of you and if you've sent it already, I suppose its too late to name it and after all I'm sure that anything you sent me would be of keen selection on your part. I've never forgotten the smartness of your selection of clothes. In my opinion, you have been one of the few women who knew how to dress smartly and have such good taste.  I just finished writing to Bill. Mother sent me more keen scent smelling Lentheric after shaving and it made me happy.

Till my next letter, Love to Joan.

Your devoted


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