#24: 27 Nov 1944, Enroute to Leyte

US Navy Fleet, Leyte, 1944. (Photo: WWII Archives)
The 77th Division remained on Guam until 3 November 1944, when they sailed for the Philippines in preparation for the attack on Leyte. They landed on the east coast of Leyte on 23 November 1944. The 77th was attached to XXIV Corps, Sixth Army. 

Dearest Sis May:

You haven't heard from me in the past because I am no longer in Guam. At this moment I am writing this breezy letter from the Hurricane deck on board this ship, on the high seas, and there is a wonderful breeze today.

Please forgive me if I fail to mention my whereabouts and such, but due to strict censorship, I can't tell much, except to say that I am fine, and miss you all very much.

I received your letter today which was a Godsend. Incidentally I'm not allowed to date this letter. I do not know where I'll be for Christmas and I certainly hope it won't be an unhappy one. However my thoughts will be constantly of you and please Dear, do pray for me as you have been doing. It helps. I so often wonder when I'll be heading home and it seems like years. I feel I'm getting older with time and I'm none too happy. I shall write as soon as I can.

Love, Your Loving Brother


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