#25: 3 Dec 1944, Leyte

M10 Wolverine & M4 Sherman of 77th Infantry Division. Leyte, 1944 (Photo: WWII Archives)

"Leyte was to be the anvil against which I hoped to hammer the Japanese into submission in the central Philippines - the springboard from which I could proceed to the conquest of Luzon, for the final assault against Japan itself." --General Douglas MacArthur.

Dec 3rd, 1944

Dearest May:

After not being able to write because your movement here in the Philippines. I hope to be able to write more often at least in the next few days. I shall try to write every day to make up for the long silence.

We have evening air activity here, but luckily no strafing, once in a while a bombing. But we most generally get all the Jap planes that are in the skies.  I'm glad you're getting mother such a swell Xmas gift. I shall send you more cash to make up the difference in purchase. I know that she will like it. Incidentally, I'm glad mom bought that home in Flatbush, she'll be lots happier in the change for the better. Got a letter today from Bill, certainly glad to hear from him. Hoping you're fine. Give Joan my love.

Best to all. Your brother


Thanks for your nice birthday card!

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