#34: 25 Feb 1945, Leyte

Dear May and Bill-

Received your letter today and I was indeed glad to hear from you as always before.

I'm glad you were able to get a car. I had thought it a big problem getting those rarities, perhaps you got a real buy, well I'm glad for your sake and I hope you both get a lot of pleasure out of it. This is one thing I'd like to get once I get out of the service.

Yes May, Pearl and I hope to tie the knot as soon as I can get home and as I mentioned before May, I expect you to be Maid of Honor, since Pearl's family would like her to have a real large affair (wedding) and I guess I'm for it too although the large cost of one is so unnecessary don't you agree May dear?

Hope you received all of my letters in which I mentioned thanks for all of your packages, you sent me. Even me with much needed toilet articles, I really needed it. Thanks a million. I shall write soon again. Best of luck. I think of you at all times. Love to Joanie. Best to you.

Your Devoted Brother


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